No organisation can afford to ‘do nothing’…

Employers face rising financial burdens of stress, absenteeism and presenteeism, growing health care costs, disengagement, reduced productivity and profitability all at a time where more people than ever are working remotely. As with any change, the trick is to enable people to understand what’s happening and support them in knowing how to access the help they need to make improvements…

1 in 4

People in the UK will experience a mental health problem at some point each year. (NHS)

12.8 million

Days are lost on average each year due to work related stress, depression or anxiety. (HSE)


Of employers said they’d like to do more to improve wellbeing but don’t have the right tools. (Mind UK)

Intelligent wellbeing insight supporting Happiness, Health and Purpose

Wellbee is a simple yet powerful tool built to help organisations look after wellbeing in the workplace (and beyond) – whether it’s deskless teams, remote workers or people in service industries, Wellbee provides a platform to:

  • Gather insight from your people via a series of smart questions and check-ins
  • Provide your people with a platform to discuss and share within a dedicated internal support network
  • Intelligent, easy to use tools to produce recommendations and useful resources for individuals based on how they are feeling

For your business

  • Boosts your employee value proposition (EVP) promoting a strong message that you care about people and their wellbeing
  • Provides intelligent team and individual insight leading to measurable outcomes and recommendations
  • Creates positive working environments where individuals can thrive wherever they are working…leading to increased engagement and business performance

For your people

  • A safe, friendly and easy to use platform to use that will help identify areas of life that could be changed for the better
  • Personal and individual recommendations along with signposts to appropriate help and advice on how to improve happiness, health and purpose
  • Provides a dedicated internal network of people who they can turn to for support  (if they’d like to)