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While physical health has been in the spotlight for years, mental health and wellbeing is finally getting the attention that it deserves.

Deadlines, demand and the constant pressure to adapt can wear down even the strongest of teams. Sometimes, making great things happen at work takes its toll.

We started our journey in 2001 with a mission to change the world of work for the better and have spent the last 19 years doing just that. In addition to developing award winning people tech through our partner company, Purple Cubed, we’ve helped brands drive business growth and improvements through improved culture, productivity and innovation.

Our background, experience in the people space and supporting those within them have been the driving force behind our latest creation – Wellbee.

OK, so why Wellbee?

Every day, the average person is bombarded with enough information to overload a laptop within a week. Workplace stress not only causes a lot of lost sleep, it’s also triggering almost half of the UK workforce to look for an alternative job.

Despite becoming a more mainstream topic, changing employer attitudes towards mental wellbeing is still overdue. It’s time to reassess the way organisations deal with the prevention of unhealthy stress and related conditions and also review the support that is offered for the one in four of a workforce who are likely to be facing mental health issues at work.

Wellbee is different from other wellbeing support tools as it provides a thorough diagnostic and personalised recommendations to both the business and it’s people, all displayed in ways that are easy to understand and action.