Getting the most out of Wellbee Insights

Whilst Wellbee is a great tool to help support individuals’ wellbeing, the benefits don’t stop there. As an organisation, you can track overall progress and access a suite of useful reports and recommendations.

Move between the tabs to see what’s available and understand how to get the most out of Wellbee Insights.


Overall Scores

An insight into your organisations scores and how this changes over time, broken down into Happiness, Health and Purpose.

Happiness is feeling positive emotions such as joy, interest and pride

Health is having the ability to be resilient and ‘bounce back’ from illness or other life challenges

Purpose is feeling fulfilled in both life and work

Employee Net Promoter Score

The eNPS measures how likely your people are to recommend your organisation to a friend. It is a good indicator of employee engagement and a simple yet effective way to track your progress as an employer people will want to work for.

Question Scores

Wellbee measures 12 aspects of an individual’s wellbeing which are then ranked and shown in priority order with those requiring more urgent attention at the top. You can see an average score and information about the range of responses for each area and can track these over time.


Participation Report

This report shows you how your people are using Wellbee and covers metrics such as how many people in your organisation have used the tool, if any personal recommendations have been shared and how regularly it’s being used.


Company Recommendations

By analysing all of your people’s outcomes and gaining an understanding of how they are feeling, Wellbee produces personalised recommendations that can be built into your usual company review cycle and prioritised into actions as you would with any other business area.