A guide for organisations who want to introduce and use Wellbee

We know that introducing new technology can feel a little daunting especially when it relates to such an import topic like wellbeing. While many people see the immediate value of adopting a new tool, some may be a little reluctant. Although Wellbee is easy to implement, it makes sense to plan your approach.

Here are some tips to help you:

There are a few different ways Wellbee can be used

  1. Use as an open tool that people can access whenever they’d like to
  2. Ask people to complete periodically (e.g. quarterly/six-monthly)
  3. Use as ‘pre-work’ for an away day or another team activity
  4. Use as part of a wellbeing review
  5. Any combination of the above

Whichever way you choose, be sure to:

  • Incorporate company progress and recommendations into your regular business updates
  • Update employees on key outcomes and progress made as appropriate

Once you’ve decided how you’ll use Wellbee, launching is simple:

  1. Engage senior leaders and other influencers
  2. Brief line managers, safety and wellbeing champions etc
  3. Share our Welcome to Wellbee guide via normal channels and add to your comms hub (You could even copy the guide into an email and send it to your teams)

You can use the Wellbee help site for any other technical or logistical questions