Student wellbeing
is in crisis

A 2020 study by Randstad reported that 37% of students experience a worsening state of mental wellbeing since starting higher education with 64% claiming their studies and university lifestyle impact their wellbeing negatively.

We’re on a mission to help tackle this so have developed a powerful tool to help schools and universities look after student wellbeing.

Introducing Wellbee

A simple yet powerful tool built to help schools and universities look after student wellbeing…

Simple set up to get students up and running in no time.

Get started with Wellbee in minutes. With no set up or hidden costs, we’ve done all the hard work so you can quickly add your users and customise the platform, zero coding required. Share the link and immediately focus on what really matters, the wellbeing of your students.

A platform to assess personal thoughts, feelings and feedback.

A secure, safe and friendly place to help identify areas of life that could be changed for the better, giving individuals the support they need to improve their wellbeing. Available anywhere, anytime and on any device.

The right help, support and advice at the right time.

Wellbee provides tailored recommendations and support focused around improving happiness, health and purpose for both individuals and schools and universities, all displayed in ways that are easy to understand and action.

The wellbeing crisis

With recent world events, the emphasis on wellbeing support is even more critical. The number of students reporting they have a mental health condition has doubled since 2014/15, and on top of this 83% have found that the pandemic has worsened pre-existing mental health conditions. Whilst many schools and universities were already treating this as a priority, the current crisis has meant that an even bigger response is now absolutely critical. Now and for the next few months, things are naturally going to feel more stressful; existing worries and uncertainties will be magnified. This is where Wellbee can help.

How Wellbee works

  • Get started by signing up below (you can try it for free with 15 users)
  • Customise Wellbee with your very own companion and colour scheme
  • Add your students and share login details via Wellbee to let them know they’re ready to get started
  • Individuals can now go in to answer questions and share how they are feeling any time they like
  • Each time they do, they’ll receive personal recommendations and advice based on their responses
  • Admin users then have access to a suite of powerful Insights and recommendations that allow them to track, measure and improve wellbeing across the school or university

Simple, straightforward pricing.

No hidden fees or set up costs. Choose your plan and get started.

Want to try it first? Simply select the free version below which will give you unlimited access to Wellbee for up to 15 people (no commitment or card details needed).

16 to 100 users
£65per month*
251 to 1000 users
£300per month*

*All prices are exclusive of VAT